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Sturdi-Wall is the first column anchor designed specifically for the Post-Frame Industry. Cutting edge production technology guarantees a price that can not be beat. Sturdi-Walls come in multiple sizes to accommodate both your solid and laminated column needs.


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sturdi_wall_photo3            sturdi_wall_photo4

Sturdi-Wall Design

Engineered column anchors take the guessing out of design work, and a powder coated finish adds refinement to any project. Building on concrete eliminates the problems inherent with wood foundations.


Sturdi-Wall Models

SW46 - 4x6 Post
SW66 - 6x6 Post
SW63 - 3Ply 2x6 Laminated Column
SW64 - 4Ply 2x6 Laminated Column
SW83 - 3Ply 2x8 Laminated Column
SW84 - 4Ply 2x8 Laminated Column
SW85 – 5ply 2x8 Laminated Column or 8x8 Post
SW60 - 2x6 Column "L" Bracket
SW80 - 2x8 Column "L" Bracket
SW6C – 6” Universal - Corner








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